Saturday, March 29, 2003

I just finished an interesting book, and one of the characters detailed a "new" way of telling God's story. I might miss a few of the actual points from the novel, but these are the alliterations that are standing out to me right now.

Creation: God's imagination spins a world of beauty, love, power. This is the first thing outside of God - before that, there was nothing but God. So He sets into motion this system/universe that's ever growing, ever re-creating, ever changing and evolving and growing. As chapter one, this part of the story is still running, as man is placed into the story and allowed to create alongside the Creator.

Crisis: When man decides that he does not need God to find out what's real and what's not, the line of communication is severed. There's now a counterflow to the first two chapters, as all three continue to be played out in history. Man thinks he can get by without God; God knows man is dead by himself. This chapter is still being written, too.

Calling: Abraham and his family are called of God as an "anti-Crisis attack force," specifically outfitted for being counter to the counterflow of man's sin and selfishness. God says that He will bless His people to be a blessing, to bring real life and change back into the picture. Like the others, this chapter continues on, doesn't it?

Conversation/Cycles: God also begins to speak with His creation through 4Ps: poets, prophets, philosophers and priests. He speaks intermittently, with no rhyme or reason to His interaction or intervention. But this is the beginning of a counterflow to the counterflow - and it is still flowing today, as people follow God, and turn away, and follow Him anew, and...

Christ: God Himself enters into the story, telling of a revoutionary lifestyle of selflessness and other-serving-hearts. All of the major players are wrong. The Zealots don't need to fight. The Pharisees don't need to rely on legalism. The people don't have to feel forsaken by their God as a "chosen people." Jesus comes as a man who forgives sin, lifts burdens, heals hearts and bodies. And when He dies, and then returns from death, He cries that God's way is higher, more noble, more potent in righting the story we find ourselves in. "The real revolution emerges above or beyond all that - or maybe I should say ahead of all that" (p. 120 - anyone else see anything apostolic in that statement?).

Church: Basically, people join in God's lifestyle by following Christ and jumping into the collaboration for these continuing chapters. As life unfolds, the story is told in suffering, selflessness, humility and growing in Christ-likeness.

Consummation: In the end, God stands at the future beckoning us to Himself. Rather than all events pushing us into the future, I'm challenged to think of the passing of time as the past dropping away and the future somehow quickly filling the void. We're being drawn forward to the climax of it all, real unity and community in Christ. We will see ourselves - all of ourself, every nuance and thought and action - and we will see God in perfect judgment. The story continues to this point, and then establishes, perhaps an even greater and continuing beginning.

Whew - peace to you.

Sunday, March 23, 2003

Well, it's in the books - the First CWO Golf Tournament. We had lots of fun - and swung the clubs way too much. Our team lost - collectively could not putt, and consistently 50 yds short. The Thurber Brothers took Closest To The Pin (Marcus) and Longest Drive (Scott), and Pastor Mike's team won the event at 2-under. Here's a quick photo of Pastor Mike standing on the winner's stand above the 18th green (he's holding what's left of his 8-iron):

Thursday, March 20, 2003

Here's info for the LION'S HEART Women's Ministry's upcoming project:

Important Dates for Fashion Share
March 23
Deadline for Recruiting (Tech Support, Babysitters etc)

March 23
Clothes hangers available in office

March 30
Deadline to turn in Door Prizes Loot to Vicki Stilwell
* Peace – Anabelle Jr.
* Hope – Sherry
* Friendship – Dawn
* Patience – Jackie
* Love – Julie

April 1-13
Clothing Donations brought to church

April 15
Fashion Show Rehearsal 6:30 in sanctuary

April 20
Deadline for everything needed for Fashion Share to be at CWO
Ready to Go!

April 22
Fashion Show Rehearsal 6:30 in sanctuary

April 25
Fashion Show Rehearsal 6:30 in sanctuary

April 25
Kid’s Lunch assembly @ Judy Parga’s house
(PB&J Sandwiches, chips, box juice)
(Judy, Sherry, DeeDee)

April 26 - FashionShare!

Sunday, March 16, 2003

Alright, sports fans. First of all, I've invited a few of the guys to join in a March Madness Bracket at CBSSportsline. Also, next week is the first CWO Golf Tournament - time to test out what AJ has to say about golf on those videos, huh?

Saturday, March 15, 2003

:: BLIND - by Angela Wallace, @

In this article, Wallace tells of seeing two blind men trying to lead each other, or find the door on a train together. She writes that "I get squeamish at considering such obvious parables." Don't we see the same thing - people all around us, in the church and on the outside, poking around because they can't see and can't understand what they're looking for, desperate to help each other but destined to fail because no one really sees what's going on?

May we open our eyes, Lord - and see You.

Friday, March 14, 2003

Hi ya'll!

I'd like to ask you to pray for our upcoming trip to Guatemala scheduled for June 9th - 17th. Connie and I will be taking 11 other people with us! I will minister the Word while the team will minister in praise and worship, pantomime, human videos, drama, etc. I am soooo excited! This will be my 3rd trip to Guatemala. Also another CWO'er is going with us - Brother Juan Gonzalez! There's also a future trip to South America in the works! Again, thanks for your prayers! God bless!

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

It's great to be a part of "Blog" "Javabeans"! Pastor Rick, when do you serve the Colombian Supremo?
Pastor Steve

Monday, March 10, 2003

I just want to bless the Lord for teaching me when posting hit post and Publish on the right hand screen instead of pressing the Posts on the left, because if you do the latter you will delete your post.

Let the Blog begin AGAIN,

I want to share with yall some affirmations that I saw today. Yesterday during worship, I deeply felt a healing in Pastor Mike. This afternoon I was at the park with my sister-in-law Shannon(which we haven't really talked in over a month), and we were talking about the Lord. She asked about Pastor Mike. And then she told me how weird it was that she is praying for three people who have Lymphoma. Then she said that she knows Pastor Mike is healed, and she doesn't know why she doesn't get the same assurance of healing when she prays for the other two. She boldy told me that Pastor Mike is healed.

Then Shannon told me that she had read Pastor Rick's E-mail about Cammie. Shannon also has the same thing Cammie has. She was diagnosed in High-school after complaining about feeling like she could faint. Now she can feel the flutterings whenever she is stressed out, or when she has had too much Caffeine. Then she tells me that this morning she was babysitting her friends little girl while her friend was going to the doctor. Her friends report from the doctor Today, was what Cammie has. Anyway, Yesterday, I had never even heard of Cammie' s diagnosis, and today I know two others that have it.

now to Blog
I've been thinking of the differences between Fairness and Justice. I believe they are two completely different things, yet I believe we take offense because we may try to bring them together. I want to do some indepth study on this because I see so much Jealousy and Hatred that comes when things are not Fair. What's Fairness got to do with it. Joseph and His Brothers, Israel(apple of God's eyes), Cain and Able, Jacob and Esau, objects of mercy objects of wrath, Sarah and Hagar, John(who Jesus loved) and Peter, Pharoah, the blind man from birth, the workers who get paid the same, and -----------?
I want to look for some correlations with these and discover some attitudes of the heart.

love yall,

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

The new eKIDS - Extreme Kids In Divine Service - starts this evening @ 6:30pm. Trace is looking forward to it, and I'm excited for him. I'll be at home with Cammi - Daddy-Man taking care of the Princess, I suppose. Wonder if she'll want to play Tiger Woods 2003 on the Gamecube? Naaah - probably not.

Also Upcoming:

* Sunday 03/09 6pm - Cleansing Streams Session #3 - WORDS

* Tuesday 03/11 - LION'S HEART Women's Ministry - Time/Place TBA (getting ready for FASHIONSHARE)

* Wednesday 03/12 6:30pm - first meeting for LIVING TO WIN. See Andre & Stephanie Samon for details, or pick up a CD-ROM from the table in the back of the sanctuary

* Saturday 03/22 8am - CWO Gold Tournament, Calhoun County Country Club - $35/golfer, Captain's Choice groupings according to handicap

Note: If you're interested in writing for the CWO Javabeans Blog, just let me know. Right now, the best way to interact is in the comments sections of the various posts. But I'm also on the lookout for journalers who can write and communicate what God's doing in our midst - peace out - rick