Sunday, April 27, 2003 - Cappuccino friar beatified by pope - Apr. 27, 2003


Sunday, April 20, 2003

Hi Folks!

What an encouraging service today! Connie and I have been sooooo encouraged the past year that we have been at CWO! One thing that has been very important to us is that week after week we have not only been encouraged, but we are challenged. Pastor Mike always brings us to a point of decision. Nothing is questionable in our hearts as we leave each service. Either we obey the Holy Spirit or we don't. (Obedience is better!) After being in the full-time ministry since 1985 it has been very challenging to lay it all aside for the past year (so far). But looking back, Connie and I can see God's hand in it. As a matter of fact, we can clearly see the work He has done (and still doing) in our hearts. God is preparing us all for the next level. It requires a deeper passion and commitment. He loves us so much that He will see that we are prepared - one way or the other!

I like what Pastor David said today. "If you keep on doing what you've always done, you will always have what you've always had." (Steve's paraphrase). I was really challenged today to do more! We can hope, pray, and confess more, but we also must do more. Once I heard Ron Luce say that if you don't know more scripture today than you did at this time last year, you're not growing in Christ. I am really challenged to press on to do more. I know the results will be the proof! Blessings!

Friday, April 18, 2003

Time Changer

Pastor Danny recommended this film. I hadn't seen anything on it, but it looks like it's in limited release in select cities/theaters, possibly underwritten by local churches and associations. Looks like it would be thoughtful and through-provoking, though. It's playing here in town at the Columbiana Grande. If I get to see it this weekend, I'll post a review - maybe get Pastor Danny to throw out some props, too.

Saturday, April 05, 2003

Bible study method

Andrew Jones shares seven questions (taught to him by Thom Wolf) for a pretty deep/impromptu bible study session:
1. What word or phrase "shimmered" or stuck out?
2. What did you like best about the passage?
3. What did you like least?
4. What did you learn about God?
5. What did you not understand or find puzzling?
6. What do you think applies to people today?
7. If you were to choose a sentence or phrase to meditate on this week, which would it be? And why?

He gives John 15:1-8 as the passage a group used. Got any thoughts? Answers from that passage to some of these questions?